About Us

With the aim of mixing business and pleasure, we believe in providing an exclusive environment for market leaders to network and exchange insights on today’s greatest business challenges. We believe in dedicating time to crafting on-trend discussion topics, then hand-inviting forward-thinking business leaders. Hosted in some of London’s most elite venues, an evening with the club promises to impress.

2019 Theme

We are an exclusive network of CIOs, CISOs and CTOs who meet quarterly for confidential discussions. Our mission is to accelerate innovation and drive insight-led decision making. Our series of discussion and networking sessions in 2019 will focus on the strategies and initiatives the C-Suite are implementing to improve their agility while maintaining security and network capability.


Regardless of size, industry, or growth rate, senior executives see agility as a method of creating competitive advantage, overall business success and growth. Far from being a one function issue, 75% of companies are labelling organisational agitlity as a top three priority in 2019.


Join the Digital Edge Club’s peer-to-peer forum to support and drive your business success; benchmark your strategy with industry leaders; access a unique social network of C-Level leaders and our archive of C-Level research.

Exclusive Insights

Access to a unique social network of senior technology leaders and our archive of exclusive C-Level research.

Chatham House Rules

All quotes and insights following the discussion are anonymised and no idea is attributed to a specific person.


Topics are chosen based on industry-wide disruptions and insight from club members often from discussion broached at prior events.

No Pitches/Presentations

It’s all about vibrant, lively debate and discussion.

Free Membership

We host these insightful discussions at no costs for our guests, thanks to our fantastic club partners.


Benchmark your company’s performance and network with other members – CIOs, CISOs and CTOs from the UK’s largest and most influential organisations.

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A special thank you to our club’s founding partners, for their continued support of the The Digital Edge Club.