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Uniting forward-thinking technology leaders and service providers to solve today’s pressing business challenges.

Digital Edge is an exclusive network of senior technology leaders operating within enterprise-scale organisations and global service providers. Our mission is to accelerate innovation and the pace of change through digital technologies. By surfacing the right topic at the right time with the right question, we create the right conversation to deliver the right answers. We bring experts with opinion and surround our members with peers in order to bench test and validate your plans.



“It’s now rare for a company to maintain a truly lasting advantage. Competitors and customers have become too unpredictable and industries too amorphous. Speed is paramount.” 

Dr. Rita Gunther McGrath, Harvard Business Review


As a member you’re joining an exclusive network of technology executives. Your membership gives you access to exclusive reports based on member contribution as well as in-person and virtual events. The network grows through recommendation, invitation or application only. Membership is only open to technology executives of large enterprises and global service providers.

Club Partner

Verizon is a global leader delivering innovative communications and technology solutions that improve the way enterprise organisations and our partners deliver the promise of the digital world.


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Predictions 2022

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

The Digital Edge’s Predictions session is the most popular meeting of the year. Joined by digital leader Ade McCormack, make bold predictions and gain insights from peers and trusted thought leaders.



Beating the odds with John Volanthen

John was at the centre of one of the most inspiring stories of resilience in recent times – the rescue of the Thai football team from flooded caves in July 2018. What can we learn from his example of resilience?

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Picking the Winners

Surviving the storm with Nicklas Bergman

Joined by tech investor and entrepreneur Nicklas Bergman, explore the golden rules of successful technology-based business transformation and long term success.

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